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Outdoor/Indoor three letter monogram Pillow cover-Outdoor Pillow Monogrammed decorative pillow cover is a new addition to our collection this summer. Outdoor/indoor Decorative pillow cover is hand crafted and ideal to add personality for any house.

Three letters are nicely embroidered in the middle in cream thread in a 16"x 16" pillow cover. Invisible zip. This listing is for pillow cover only without insert.

About the material

* Water-repellent
* High UV resistance
* Excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals.
* Durable, quick-drying
* The fabric is resistant to influences of dew, perspiration, rot and weather.
* Dirt resistant and very comfortable.
* Canvas Look

How to order

Select the number of quantity you like to order
Select the size
Select the thread color
Make a note about the fabric color and the letters you like to monogram in order. Monogram for one person

Three letters – Could be done in two ways. For example, Katy Nicole Bryant
First way-The first letter of one persons first, middle, and last names. KNB or KBN

Second Way- The first letter of the persons last name is larger and placed in the center with the first initial and the middle initial on each side. With all three letters the same size, the letters appear in the order the name is normally written.
Monogram for couples

Three letters - Three letters can stand for or a couples first and last names. For weddings, usually the order is like this:
1. First initial is woman's first name initial
2. Middle initial is initial of couples last name
3. Last initial is man's first name initial
So in above example, if couple’s names were Katy & Thomas Bryant, you would list the monogram as: kBT
If you like to order inserts, please refer to If you like to order the insert, please refer to https://snazzylivingshop.com/collections/pillow-inserts

16x16 INCHES
18x18 INCHES
20x20 INCHES
24x24 INCHES
26x26 INCHES
12x16 INCHES
12x18 INCHES

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