How To Mix And Match Decorative Throw Pillows With Different Color And Texture

Decorating your living area, bedroom or any place in your lovely home with throw pillows is one of the most interesting and easiest ways to highlight your style. Limiting yourself with colors and patterns could be the worst thing one could ever do as there are so many affordable, beautiful pillows available out there.

There are no rules to follow as contemporary living is all about mismatching the patterns and colors. If you’re not too comfortable with your ability to choose pillows, the following tips will help you mix and match fabric patterns with different colors. It will allow you to quickly refresh your room with a look that is well complemented and coordinated.

There are different ways to mix and match throw pillows to give a polished and modern look. 

1) Rule of Three: Look around your home and find three colors that compliment your rug, sofa, wall art, wall color, bedding, or curtains. 

 A few recommended color combinations that always look great together:

  1. Yellow, Navy Blue, Ivory 
  2. Black, Orange, Beige
  3. Purple, Gray, Pink
  4. Navy, Orange, Ivory
  5. Light Pink, Hot Pink, Maroon
  6. Turquoise, Beige, Navy
  7. Black, White, Blue
  8. Beige, Brown, Black
  9. Gray, Red, Purple  
  10. Pink, Gray, Turquoise 
  11. Red, Yellow, White 
  12. Brown, Ivory, Green
  13. Cholocate brown, purple, lime.
  14. Purple, gray, turquoise
  15. Black, Orange, yellow.
  16. White, Red, Black

2) Choose Three Patterns:

First, choose your lead pattern, which is the largest and contains all three colors from the color chart. For lead, the pattern can be floral or geometric. Then, the secondary pattern can be a stripe or a dot design that contains just one or two colors from the color chart. The last one could be a solid pillow. 

3) Choose Three Pattern Sizes:

One last thing is to scale the patterns you chose. Your largest size should be the lead pattern. The recommended size will be 24×24 inches. Next comes the floral or geometric pattern, which is 20×20 or 22×22 inches. followed by solids in 18×18 or 16×16

Now that you know about the rules of decorating with pillows no need to be afraid to experiment with different colors, sizes, and textures.

Be creative and start decorting!

Credit To PopOColor via Etsy , StudioNorthLLC via Etsy




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