Sustainable Poufs and Beanbag Chairs

Bean Bags & Poufs- Best Invention for Easy Comfort and Maximizing Contemporary Home Designs.

Pandemic has permanently changed the way we do work, learn and talk. Snazzy Living bean bags fit nicely in any space of your house to have a zoom meeting, online study, or simply as a comfortable chair. Sustainably produced bean bag covers are made with 100% handwoven cotton and come in 21 colors. 

In this day and age, we must have the simple, most practical luxury living standards while maintaining the contemporary looks on our choices for interior designs. One of the best solutions is to arrange surroundings, especially in places like homes and offices where a considerable amount of your life is spent.

The Invention of Bean Bags! A true game-changer. The versatility of Bean bag chairs is enormous. Serving those who practice mediation, yoga, and stress-relieving exercises with extreme ease and not forgetting the children who adore to let themselves sink into these chairs have truly made a remarkable feel. What’s more interesting is that they are quite affordable.

 Saving Costs

Traditional furniture requires higher maintenance, and many people ignore this aspect when making a purchase. Bean bag chairs are known for their durability and extended lifespan. Moreover, unlike some furniture that requires assembling and doesn’t offer much portability, bean bag chairs do not cause such issues and their handling is extremely convenient for homeowners. Moreover, a reliable bean bag chair costs less than an office chair. With its affordability, ease of use, and medical advantage, it should not come as a surprise that this chair is being advertised in pop culture as the ultimate “cool” chair for offices all around the world.

You can always change the colors and size according to the surroundings without spending much.

 The Eco-Friendly Factor

Do you support eco-friendly practices? Is your home or office designed to be eco-friendly? Daily, countless trees are removed globally as the threat of global warming is rising to dangerous proportions. A bean bag chair can be constructed without wasting wood from trees, marking it as one of the eco-friendly additions in your living room.

How can I fill up my bean bag and pouf cover?

As we need to protect our mother nature, Snazzy Living recommends all-natural fillers. Some of the natural fillers are: 

Wool & Cotton

One natural option for filling your bean bag chair is some sort of combination of either wool or cotton. These natural materials are sustainable and eco-friendly. However, they compress easily over time. 

Buckwheat Hulls

Another popular natural filler option is buckwheat hulls and similar grains like popcorn, rice, or even dried field peas. Unlike cotton and wool, these filers won’t compress over time. 

Other Stuffings

You can also use old quilts, old stuffed toys, old clothes, comforters, and old pillow stuffing at your house without spending money. We recommend throwing all your out-of-style, out-of-size clothes into all these beanbags and poufs. 

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