About us

Bespoke handmade cotton monogram lumbar throw covers, Monogram bolster cotton, Monogram Cotton Euro Shams,  Handmade eco-friendly, Handmade Down Alternative pillow inserts, and gifts. 

I embarked on a journey to fill my new home with beautiful treasures. Unsatisfied with the products in stores, I decided to handcraft everything from pillow covers to unique gifts with my own two hands using hand-woven material sourced locally.  After seeing the results, I was hooked and wanted to share my unique home decor accents with the masses.

As an entrepreneur and handmade artisan, I also wanted to extend a helping hand to some of the women in my community by empowering them to create their own livelihood. Throughout Snazzy Living, I help women stand on their own feet to support their families. 

Snazzy Living is one of the few companies that source  Fair Trade guaranteed hand woven material and use manual embroidery technique. The art of weaving fabric is passed down from one generation to another. As the hand loom industry faces declines due to its skilled work and outdated designs, Snazzy Living creates designs for the current trends in the market for Monogram pillows and other products. Using traditional weaving techniques and manual wooden panels, each bespoke item is made with quality craftsmanship and a great attention to detail.