The home decor industry has a very long and hard road ahead of it to become one that doesn’t harm our planet or the people on it. We are not perfect but we are always striving to improve.

We are an independent brand established in 2013. I embarked on a journey when I visited Sri Lanka, where I was born. I was trying to fill my new home with beautiful treasures. Unsatisfied with the products in stores, I decided to handcraft everything from pillow covers to bean bags with my own two hands. 

Inspired by vibrant colors and textures, I used Fair Trade Guaranteed handloom fabric made from 100% cotton. Today, the handloom industry is declining due to the availability if the labor force and lack of the price paid for hard labor. Using traditional weaving techniques and manual wooden panels, each cotton fabric material is woven with care and devotion. 

When making our products with fair traded cotton, we will assist people who manufacture these fabric with great devotion. This will not only empower the women, but also provide a lively hood for their families.

Our Philosophy

Here at Snazzy Living we are advocates for the “Reuse, Recycle” approach to home décor Buy fewer, more wonderful things. Furniture you can reuse for a long time with a cover.